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Our Silage Wrap Products

We understand the requirement for reliable silage wrap products that perform very well all the time, with quality assured on every wrap, no matter what the conditions. We take this very seriously, so we are very proud to present our silage wrap products range, providing a premium selection of agri stretch films that offer dependability and high quality at all times.

Not all Silage Film is the Same

The quality of a silage film is a very important factor when considering your particular set of fodder conservation requirements. We take great pride in the quality of all of our silage film products, starting with our premium ‘gold standard’ silage film. It’s manufactured with a 7 layer film construction, which means that this film exhibits much better puncture resistance and tear resistance and therefore performs at a higher level overall. It also has fewer ‘tolerances’, which eliminates or ‘slims down’ many of the risk factors associated with silage stretch film failure. So when the stretched film is being challenged, with stalky material, for instance, it’s less likely to break or puncture. In most cases, you can put this film in the hardest set of circumstances, and it will still perform very well indeed.

How do silage plastic products differ

Our 7 layer silage stretch film is available in a standard, ‘tough’ specification of 750mm x 1500m x 25um. But it also comes in a more cost-effective spec of 750mm x 1900m x 21um. This 21um film is a great economical choice with an extra 400m per roll, or an additional 27% more film or bales per roll. The film thickness is reduced to 21 microns in this product, so being a thinner silage film, some consideration needs to be made for its application and crop type. This thinner film is generally used more for wrapping and ensiling softer grasses and less stalky crop types, but still performs very well as it’s a 7 layer film.

What's the best silage wrap product for me

Our standard or ‘budget-conscious’ silage film utilizes 5 layer film technology in its manufacture, and while it’s technical specification is not quite as high in performance as the seven layer silage film, it still behaves very well in challenging conditions. So in this case, bales wrapped will still be excellent quality if it’s used in the correct application, but the application would be for wrapping a less challenging material perhaps. Other factors to consider if a 5 layer film is appropriate is the crop type, stretch rate, if you’re wrapping square bales or round bales, and the type wrapping machinery or other climatic / environment conditions that are present. If you need assistance on the appropriate silage wrap selection, then please contact us and we’ll assist you immediately on what silage films suit your particular application.

All of our 7 layer silage wrap baling product comes on plastic cores while our 5 layer silage wrap comes on cardboard cores. Some folk prefer the plastic core over a cardboard core and vice versa but we find both work equally well. All of our cardboard cores are treated to repel moisture.

Are our Silage Wraps stabilised to suit Australian conditions?

UV stabilised to suit Australian conditions, our silage wrap product range is guaranteed 12 months on wrapping baled product. Manufactured with a good level of UV protection, so your baled silage remains very well protected without premature breakdown or degradation of the film. No matter what region of Australia or how harsh the environment is, we have the correct UV requirements covered. Our products are all made specifically for Australian conditions.

Used by farmers and contractors Australia wide, our silage wrap products all provide excellent elasticity and stretch, while at the same time providing superior strength, combined with an excellent tack factor to ensure a complete oxygen barrier. So, you can rest assured you will produce both high quality silage bales and baled silage material every time, whilst also limiting the need for repair tape.

Our silage wrapping products can be used on all makes and models of wrappers – from the older single arm machines, right through to the latest, high performance, high stretch rate, aggressive start, twin satellite machinery. Whether you are wrapping round bales or square bales, our agri stretch products are compatible with all makes and models of wrapping machines. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a recommendation for your particular situation. We’re here to assist you with any enquiry.

We’d be happy to give you a quote, delivered to you anywhere in Australia. Or if you need any more information regarding your choices, please contact us here today or call our head office on 08 8162 3800.

Silage Wrap Specifications Table

Colour Thickness Width Length Layers
 Green  25um  750mm  1500m  7
 Black  25um  750mm  1500m  7
 Green  21um  750mm  1900m  7
 Black  21um  750mm  1900m  7
 Green  25um  750mm  1500m  5
 Black  25um  750mm  1500m  5

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