Silage Wrap

Premier Silage Wrapping Products

We understand you want a silage wrap product that performs and that you can count on every time no matter what the conditions. We are very proud indeed to present our silage wrap range which provides you just that.

With a high level of UV stabilizer, and an excellent stretch rate, our silage wrap is guaranteed 12 months on wrapping baled product. No matter what region of Australia and how harsh the environment we have you covered.

Also, boasting excellent puncture and tear resistance, our silage wrap will help eliminate costly down time in the field. All of our silage wrap product comes on plastic cores, so are not affected by rain or moisture in the baled materials or in wet weather conditions

Used by farmers and contractors Australia wide, our silage wrap utilizes 5 layer technology providing excellent elasticity while at the same time providing strength, combined with an excellent tack factor to ensure a complete barrier. So, you can rest assured you will end up with high quality bales each and every time.

Our silage wrap can be used on all makes and models of round silage balers- from old balers right through to the latest, high performance machinery.

We’d be happy to give you a quote, delivered to you anywhere in Australia. We provide an excellent quality product with an excellent price.

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Silage Wrap Specifications Table

Colour Thickness Width Length 
 Green 25um 750mm 1500m
 Black 25um 750mm 1500m
 White 25um 750mm 1500m
 Green 25um 500mm 1800m
 Black 25um 500mm 1800m
 White 25um 500mm 1800m

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