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High-Quality Covers for Your Silage Pits

If you’re using silage pits, you’ve got a lot of fodder at stake. Don’t cut corners here and make sure you use a high quality silage film product. Our silage covers are all quality assured, using high levels of premium UV stabilisers to suit Australian conditions and are guaranteed for a minimum of 18 months against UV degradation. Our silage pit cover products offer high tensile strength and maintain an excellent oxygen barrier.

Our silage covers are way more than just plastic sheeting or regular plastic films, rather, they are manufactured from premium quality resin materials in Europe, specific to suit the purpose of silage fodder conservation. Our silage covers are made specifically for the harsh Australian climate and offer strength and durability to protect and successfully store your silage in optimal conditions, so you are assured of high quality fodder.

Our silage sheet covers or bunker covers come in a range of sizes and specifications to suit your requirements to suit any silage pit size. Manufactured with black inner and white outer layer colour, for minimizing any possible light transfer as well as keeping the temperature levels cooler for optimal feed conservation. Perfect for creating an anaerobic environment, and thereby allowing maximum fermentation and retaining the highest possible nutrient levels.

So, go with a high quality, ‘purpose specific’ covering film with a high level UV protection to securely protect your crop. Please contact us at our head office today for a quote or any further information

Silage Cover Specifications Table

150um12m x 50m  |  15m x 50m  |  15m x 300m  |  18m x 50m  |  18m x 300m
200um12m x 50m  |  15m x 50m  | 15m x 300m   |  18m x 50m  |  18m x 300m

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