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Our range of high quality twine is available in a number of varieties starting with the more challenging big square baler applications, right through to the finer twines for less demanding purposes. Our high density, or HD twine range, includes a number of great choices which are suitable for the newer, high performance, HD baling machines. We also offer a couple of excellent options in the ‘standard big square’ category. Small square baling twine is well represented with a couple of varieties for different applications. We even have stock ‘old school’ twine for round bales and keep some excellent selections of horticultural twine.

HD Baling Twine

High density baling twine is a growing market with new machinery increasingly setting the bar higher, in terms of bale weight and pressure. Our quality HD square twine range is made with consideration for all of the latest and greatest baling machinery that are pushing the limit of performance. We can assist to match the appropriate twine with any baling machine, no matter the crop type or conditions. Manufactured from premium polymers, our quality baling products range exhibits excellent knot strength and tensile strengths to suit any and all applications.

Standard Big Square Baling Twine

Our baling twines range for standard big square bales comes in both 120m runnage and 135m runnage. The 120m standard green twine can push the threshold of standard performance with excellent performance specifications in a 2400m pack, while the 135m gold twine tends to be the economical choice for light or ‘non-challenging’ standard bales or even cardboard baling practices.

Small Square Baler Twine

Small square baler twines are well represented here with a couple of excellent products. Blue Ribbon is a 350m runnage string that is pretty much a regular spec for small square product, and comes in a 4500m pack. As an alternative, we also produce an orange colour selection in this category with a thicker circumference, coming in a 3050m pack. This product, while not as economical, is manufactured simply for ease of handling small square bales as the thicker string is much easier on the hands when there is a high level of manual handling.

Round Bale Twine

Round bale twine, while becoming a less common form of fodder packaging these days, is something we still carry for the older style round baler machines, coming in a generous 8500m pack. This style of twine tends to have some carry over into the horticultural twine category as well and is favoured by many market garden crops and greenhouse operations.

Are our Baling Twine stabilised to suit Australian conditions?

All of the above are designed with a high degree of UV stabilization, and specially formulated for Australian baling conditions. So all of our polypropylene twine products stand up to anything the tough Australian environment can muster. Being stringently UV stabilised means that all of our baling twine product is guaranteed to last and not break down prematurely once baled and in operational use in the field. We take UV stability very seriously.

Manufactured from superior raw materials, our twines range will perform on all makes and models of baling machinery. Due to a manufacture process of ‘hybrid fibrillation’, our twines display both excellent softness, as well as a higher degree of knot grip and strength, while also working smoothly with all knotting systems. The end result is better products, that eliminate downtime, provide consistently good results and allow the farmer or contractor to get on with the job of baling high quality bales.

If you want to discuss your requirements with your local team member, then please click here to contact us or call us direct. We can also assist you same business day for a quote delivered anywhere in Australia on our baler twine, as well as our agri stretch products like silage film, or any other bale wrapping or crop packaging requirement you may have.

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Specifications – All Baler Twines:

Product Name Application Colour Metres Per Pack Metres Per Kg Pallet Qty Knot Strength
Golden Boy Big Square (light) Gold 2700M 135 48 210kg
Green Machine Big Square (std – heavy) Green 2400m 120 48 245kg
Terracotta Warrior Big Square HD Oxide 2100m 105 48 275kg
White Knight Big Square HD White 2000m 100 48 300kg
Bale Master Big Square HD Oxide 1900m 95 48 320kg
Orange Crush Small Square (thick) Orange 3050m 242 80 120kg
Blue Ribbon Small Square (thin) Blue 4500m 350 80 80kg
Round Bale Round Bale Blue 8500m 850 80 70kg (l/s)

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