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We deliver high-quality baler twine for all applications. We pride ourselves on stocking a great range with something for everybody. No matter what type of baling machine you use, we’re confident we can match the perfect twine to your needs.

Our products are all tested and proven with specific efficiencies for Australian conditions, with more round softness, and better knot strength to hold your bales.

Baling twine – what makes a good one?

A good baler twine can be judged with a few different considerations. Of course, the twine must be strong and have a high-tensile strength. This is achieved by premium polypropylene polymers to form the appropriate ‘recipe’. It must also be able to tie well and minimise any slippage, to allow a greater knot strength. Our twine contains ingredients to help grab against itself in the knot tying process but remains smooth and resistance-free when feeding through the knotter mechanism and any wearing parts of the baling machinery. Behind the knot is generally the weakest link for the twine, hence this is where the advantages of our products come to the fore.

Hybrid Fibrillation – Better Baler Twine Operation

Our big square baler twine is constructed using a unique process of hybrid fibrillation. This is where multiple strands in combination with “net like” fibrillation are used to extract the best of both worlds. Combined with the correct number of twists per metre, working in concert with the fibrillation, the twine achieves a soft and well-rounded configuration, which delivers smooth running for trouble-free operation.

The second part of this unique process is that our baler twine is also multi-strand, unlike many others that have a ‘net like’ construction using a single twine strand. The multiple strands, in this case, works with the same principle as chrome vanadium does with tools. It is there to decrease any weakness and lets the twine act to its maximum performance. If there is mechanical wear to a part of the twine, having multiple strands limits the damage to that particular strand and means the other section of twine can subsidise that affected area. It’s an imperfect world so why not have a safeguard or contingency plan in place.

We recognise any unnecessary down-time isn’t appreciated and hurts your overall running costs in operation. For this reason, our product also contains a lubricant that keeps the twine smooth where and when it needs to be. This keeps it free-flowing, reduces friction and abrasion, keeping your valuable machinery asset in the field for a longer time and not in the garage replacing components.

High-density solutions

If you’re looking for high-density (HD) baling twine for newer baling machines, we’ve got you covered. Many of the modern baling machines allow you to do more, particularly when it comes to bale weight and pressure. Of course, for best results, you need a high knot strength and high-tensile strength twine solution that stands up to the pressure. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing technology, we offer HD baler twine for any machine, any crop and any application. Built tough with extra UV resistance, our twine won’t break easily and offers better knot strength under all conditions.

Standard big square options

For big square baling, look no further than our Golden Boy and Green Machine twine solutions. Like all of our agricultural packaging products, you get superior manufacturing and strength when compared to the competition. The Golden Boy comes in a 2700m pack, offering 135m per kilogram. This is perfect for lighter applications, yet still features a knot strength of 210kg with a longer spool length, so offers value for money

For the bigger jobs, the Green Machine comes in 2400m packs, with 120m per kilogram. It’s built strong, with a 245kg knot strength. Both are extremely economical choices, without comprising on durability, quality and strength.

Small square twine

For smaller baling machines we’ve also got some great twine solutions. The Blue Ribbon is a popular choice, giving you a cost-effective twine that still holds plenty of weight. The knot strength is 80kg, and you get 350m runnage in a 4500m pack.

For something a little more robust, the Orange Crush is a great option when a lot of manual handling is required. The twine is thicker, making it easier on the hands and also supports a knot strength of 120kg.

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Round baler twine

While there aren’t as many round baling machines around these days, we do still keep a stock of round baler twine in packs of 8500m. For those old school baling jobs, the packaged length is generous, and offers 850m per kg. This twine is also suitable for a range of horticultural and gardening applications such as greenhouse use.

Something for all baling machines

We’ve got baler twine for all applications and all types of baling machines. If you’re not sure what you need, or you have specific requirements, we’d love to hear from you. We deliver everywhere in Australia, and offer a range of other products such as silage wrap, net wrap, and even silage pit covers. For all your agricultural packaging needs, contact us or call us direct today.