Net Replacement Film

Better Silage Binding with Net Replacement Film

Net Replacement Film, or Mantle Film, is the new design technology product for baling silage, as an alternate to round bale netting. These newer stretch films specifically suit the newer generation combi balers and wrappers such as McHale, Vicon, Krone and Claas. This new breed of machines use a film on film application, in the two step process, of both baling with plastic and wrapping with plastic. This latest methodology has some very distinct advantages and improves baled product and silage quality in a number of ways.

Why use Net Replacement Film?

Net replacement film effectively also acts as an ‘underlayer film’, which gives further support and strength to the outer wrapping films. The application of this product also adds a more consistent shape and finish to round bales, compared to bale netwrap, by producing more compressed and cylindrical bales. Also, it doesn’t have any weak spots, which can develop with netwrap if the main threads are broken or damaged with handling, causing the fodder to protrude or the bale to be misshapen. Bales wrapped in both net replacement film, as well as silage wrap, result in tighter bales and offer additional strength to the overall integrity of the wrapped silage bales. These bales may also endure higher levels of handling and transport without damage, and therefore result in better quality silage feed.

The mantle film also covers the bale right to the edge and, with more film being used in the two-step process, it further protects and forms a more effective oxygen barrier for the valuable silage, thereby reducing air permeation into the wrapped and baled silage material. And with less air penetrating the wrapped bales, this means less mould, better fermentation and a better result in quality and quantity of protein being fed out. This process pays for itself by value adding, reducing the cost of ensiling and brings better value for your dollar overall.

The mantle film, is also more environmentally friendly due to the inner baling films and the outer packaging of silage wrap being the same sorts of industry films or plastic materials. This allows easier sorting for the used packaging, as they are both similar from a manufacture and recycling point of view. Whereas with net wrap, it’s a lot harder to sort the finer, web-like net packaging from the actual fodder and silage film when feeding out or recycling.

Made from high quality raw materials, our net replacement films specifically suit the newer generation combination round baler machines, or combo baler wrappers, that are specifically engineered for this application.

The Benefit of Using Net Replacement Film

Ultimately, you’re running a business, which means that money is usually at the centre of every decision you make. Using net replacement film ultimately saves you money, as opposed to the older round bale netting. It does this in multiple ways.

Firstly, net replacement film is stronger, with less weak spots. That saves you time and money because you have less breakages to patch up, which can occur even more during transportation when using bale netting.

Secondly, it further compresses and effectively covers the bale right to the edge. This creates a more effective oxygen barrier, leading to better fermentation. With less oxygen creeping into the bales, you end up with silage that’s higher in metabolised energy. With a focus on quality over quantity, you’re already saving money.

Finally, because using net replacement film improves the quality of silage, you’ll reap the rewards in dairy yield. High quality silage allows cows to maintain and increase milk production throughout the entire lactation period, not just in the mid-late stage of lactation, so it makes sense to improve quality of the baled silage material. You can try to achieve this with other methods, such as adding expensive supplements, but why spend the extra money when you can achieve the same results with better silage?

Our net replacement film is an environmentally friendly choice that delivers real benefits to your operations. The two-step baling process gives you tighter bales that are more durable, especially during transportation and handling. Plus, you’ll end up with a higher quality silage for your livestock.

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Net Replacement Film Specifications Table

Nominal Width (±1)cm128138
Length (+1%)m1,8001,800

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