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Perfect for our Australian conditions, and manufactured to a very high quality standard...

We understand you want a silage wrap product that performs and that you can count on...

Our baling twine is available for both large square and small square baling applications...

If you’re using silage pits, you’ve got a lot of fodder at stake. Don’t cut corners here and make...

Net Wrap for Round Bales

We are dedicated to providing the best net wrap and associated baling products on the market in Australia, both in terms of performance, and price. We realise the importance of a premier quality net wrap when you are depending on it, and its ability to perform well in all conditions, season in and season out.

Australia wide, we are proud to be suppliers of a top quality, high grade net wrap. With our products, you can rely on their ability to be able to perform all the time, and on all round baling machines, regardless of the make and model. We stand by it.

All of our net wrap products come in guaranteed lengths as specified, and come with a 50 metre coloured end warning system, so you’re never caught short.

Our net wrap is guaranteed for the harsh Australian climate with adequate UV protection regardless of which region or climate you are in.

Offering 1.23m wide ‘side to side’ net wrap, which covers from one edge to edge opposite, 1.25m ‘wide edge’ net, as well as 1.3m wide ‘over side’ rolls, which will cover edge sides of the bale. We have you covered for all applications.

We also offer a full range of baling products including silage wrap, baling twine and silage covers. Also, you will be pleasantly surprised at our prices. And with depots in all capital cities we deliver Australia wide.

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