Perfect for our Australian conditions, and manufactured to very high quality standards, our net wrap products perform very well on all makes and models of round baling machine. We have bale net varieties for regular round bales right up to higher kilogram force selections, suitable for the newer high capacity machinery, where pressure and bale weight will test the performance of any netwrap.

Our net wrap selections are able to accommodate all round baler machines. Widths include ‘side to side’ or 1.23m size, running from bale edge to edge opposite, ‘wide edge’ in a 1.25m application, and ‘over edge’ specification, which will cover edge sides of the bale. All of our products are created with a high level of UV protection and comes with a 12-month warranty against UV breakdown. Our bale netwrap has a proven track record of success and has performed extremely well in the harshest of environments for many seasons.

Coming in guaranteed lengths, so you are assured of getting exactly what you pay for, our roll lengths vary from 3000m up to 3600m, offering 20% extra wrap per netwrap roll. Handy for those that are producing high volumes and throughput, and therefore prefer longer roll length, to produce more round bales per roll.

Manufactured from the highest quality polymers and resins, our round baling net offers great tensile strengths, breaking strength and tear resistance across all of our brands. We offer solutions for all round baling applications, regardless of the crop type, whether it be hay, straw or silage.

The choice of contractors and farmers across Australia, our bale wrap product selections are preferred, season after season, given their high quality standard, reliability and performance. Our quality assured range offer excellent longevity, and that’s why we stand by them. A bale wrapped in our net will endure the toughest Australian conditions and that’s why our customers keep coming back.

Secure and protect your crop with our premium netwrap this season, and get a high-quality product that performs in all baling machines and lasts, without paying the high price tag.

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Get a quote from us today, alternately contact us for any questions, or call our Head Office on 08 8162 3800.

Net Wrap Specifications Table

Colour Guaranteed Lengths Width
White / Green 3000 1.23 / 1.25 / 1.3m
White / Green 3600 1.23 / 1.25 / 1.3m

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